Drills are crucial when training for a wrestling or BJJ match. You need to practice movements thousands of times before they become second nature to you. Then you can perform them when you see an opportunity without even thinking. It will all be automatic thanks to muscle memory. The problem is how to log in the hours necessary. You will have to ask a partner to be with you in the sessions and that is no easy task. The reality is that this is no easy task. Dummies provide a viable alternative that has their own distinct advantages.

Dummies Do Not Get Hurt

Humans are fragile. If you are not careful, then you can injure your sparring partner during the drills. All it takes is one slip and you have been looking at a fracture or muscle tear. You will have to look for another person while our main partner recovers. Whether he would still want to train with you after that is also in question. A dummy, on the other hand, is very tough and robust. You do not have to hold back since it will not get hurt or cry in pain. Your most intense sessions can be performed with this specialized equipment for safety.

Dummies are Always Ready for Action

With a partner, you will have to set a schedule and meet at the appointed time. You can’t simply take to the mat when you feel like it. You are lucky if you are living with a training partner or have a sibling who is also practicing the sport. Such cases are rare. When you feel like doing a drill, you often have to wait the next day or whenever the schedule allows. That is not a problem with a dummy as it will always be ready when you are — early in the morning, in the middle of the night, or somewhere in between.

Dummies Don’t Get Tired

Sometimes you just feel pumped up and ready to go. You have a big match coming so you wish to prepare more diligently than before. If you have a partner, then you will be limited with the time that you can spare. You will have to respect their schedule if they can give just an hour or two. They will also get tired and will not perform as well when pushed. You will either have to wait for the next session or line up a few more partners for a longer rotation. Another workaround is to use a dummy for additional training hours. Check new grappling dummies 2018 to see your options.