Grappling dummies have been around for a while now but adoption is still far from universal. Many remain unconvinced about its benefits. They prefer training with actual human partners for their continuing education or their upcoming matches. There is wisdom in having a living and breathing adversary for practice sessions but this does not mean that dummies don’t have their place. They certainly do as they can sometimes perform tasks better than humans precisely because of their nature. They cannot be full substitutes but they can help in making training more consistent and productive.

Dummies are Very Versatile

With a partner, you may be limited in the types of drills that you do. It will depend on their expertise and their body type. Some people are better in a certain fighting strategy than others. If you can use dummies, then you will have more choices. There are several types of dummies including those with full limbs for arm bars, leg locks, and the like. There are also those that can stand for punches and kicks. If you wish to practice throws, then get one with the right weight for your ability and needs.

Dummies Don’t Complain

Another reason to use a dummy is that you will never hear it utter a complaint. You can do anything you want, take it anywhere you need to be, and be as forceful as you have to without any worries. Practice the whole day at the gym or in your own home. The dummy has nowhere else to go anyway so just do your drills and practice your moves. Repeat the same move a hundred time in one go to make it perfect and you will not hear it say that it’s boring or fatigued. Just keep going.

Dummies are Consistent Partners

Humans are great in that they can react to your every move which is essential if you are preparing for a match. You will be forced to adapt so as not to become too predictable. You will think of new ways to approach a situation with very little time. However, they also have their disadvantages such not being available all the time. They have to get sick and call off a training session. You will be left searching for a replacement at the last minute. They can come to the gym unprepared or low in energy. Their performance can be inconsistent. Dummies will always stay the same, day and day out. If you are ready to get your own, then head over to the link: BJJ Grappling Dummy – find the best jiujitsu dummies here.