WWE Editorial: Who Can Realistically Face Brock Lesnar

By Lucas Murrin
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August 19, 2014

At Summerslam, Brock Lesnar dominated, destroyed and conquered “The Man” of the past decade, John Cena to become WWE World Heavyweight champion. Cena has been dominated matches before, but always got back up, always fighting back yet this past Sunday that never happened. Yes Cena never gave up but Brock tore about WWE’s top guy. After ending the streak against the Undertaker, Brock became that man. Before Money In The Bank I wrote an article on who can face Brock Lesnar next at Summerslam, as much as I didn’t like the idea of John Cena it worked well and produced a match that got people talking. Let’s face it Brock Lesnar will keep the title until Wrestlemania. With WWE currently having such a huge gap in the main event, who can realistically face Brock Lesnar and not be damaged in the long-term through the destruction?

WWE are in a transition period in creating new superstars, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt all have the potential to lead the WWE into its next generation. None of these four stars are ready for the main event. They need time to be fully developed into main event stars, no doubt in a years time they will be. So thinking any of these can face Brock Lesnar now without going into the deep stage of recovery that Ryback faced two years ago is not a bright idea. So who else?

Sheamus would be an ideal opponent for Brock Lesnar, he can brawl like none-other and hasn’t got anything realistically to lose in being destroyed by Brock Lesnar. Being involved in a main event match with Brock will also raise Sheamus’ profile who for the past year has remained fairly stale.

Months ago Cesaro would have been a fairly obvious pick to face the Beast especially with his alliance with Paul Heyman. Pound for pound Cesaro is the strongest man in WWE period, if anyone can face Lesnar it’s Cesaro. Ever since Heyman dropped Cesaro, the King of Swing has slowed momentum, even losing to RVD at Summerslam. The future looked so bright, considering Cesaro has been in two WWE title matches this year. If Cesaro went face to face with Lesnar it would showcase Cesaro in a position where he would fit in naturally.

Hulk Hogan… OK the thought of Hogan getting back in the ring is something I never want to see, to for him to face Brock Lesnar surely this is suicide? In July 2002, Brock Lesnar beat Hulk Hogan to a bloody pulp to a point where Hogan could no longer compete and disappeared from TV for 8 months. At Hogan’s birthday celebrations, Brock Lesnar returned to his house to confront Hulk Hogan. During Summerslam, Michael Cole and JBL made numerous references to that moment, surely this could be a sign. Hulk Hogan challenges Brock Lesnar, only to be destroyed in minutes, the world would watch, and Hogan would in some ways be protected from a long match. I do hope Hogan never gets back in the ring but this could be an interesting match up.

One man who can still go in the ring and get an incredible pop from the crowd is Mark Henry. The last time Brock and Henry faced, Lesnar was back in June 2002, when Brock was very green. A possible feud between the two looked on the cards when Henry challenged Brock, only for Brock to attack and take out Henry earlier this year. Pushing Mark for the WWE title would be refreshing and no doubt give Lesnar a run for his money.

John Cena stood on top the main event for 10 years, alongside him is Randy Orton. During his feud with Roman Reigns, Orton has been bringing out his viscous side. This side, which brutalised John Cena in an Iron Man and I Quit matches in 2009 can take down the beast. Like Henry, Orton has only faced Lesnar once in September 2002. It is a fresh match up, within current circumstances alongside the Authority it is unlikely that Orton will face Brock. If it does happen, Orton vs Brock is something I would like to see.

Who do you think will face the Beast for the WWE title over the coming months?

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