WWE Money In The Bank: 5 Men Who Should Enter The MITB Ladder Match

By Lucas Murrin
In Lucas Murrin
June 18, 2014

Last night on WWE: Main Event, we saw Seth Rollins announce that he would be entering himself into the Money In The Bank ladder match on June 29th on Pay Per View. This would be the second ladder match of the night, with the first being held for the WWE World Heavyweight title, it is expected that we will find out who will also be entered into the second ladder match this coming Raw. With Seth Rollins in the match who else would should be entered into the Money In The Bank briefcase ladder match?

Dean Ambrose

One of the hottest feuds going on right now is Dean Ambrose seeking revenge on his former Shield member Seth Rollins. With Rollins already in the match, it only makes sense to place Ambrose in the match too. Ambrose would even be a great choice to win the match too. You know he will produce an aggressive high risk element to the match.

Rob Van Dam

RVD’s role is perfectly suited for helping younger stars and having him in the ladder match will provide experience, high-flying style. RVD won the match in 2006 and has featured in countless number of excellent ladder matches. RVD is a perfect fit to the Money In The Bank match, just like when he returned to WWE a year ago.

Bad News Barrett

Barrett would be an excellent choice to win the briefcase, since returning as Bad News Barrett has been impressive with his character and in the ring. Vince is reportedly impressive with Barrett too, hopefully this is the chance Barrett needs to move into the main event picture at the end of the year.

Dolph Ziggler

The 2012 Smackdown Money In The Bank briefcase winner deserves a slot in the match, he works hard and despite the fears of being injury prone, the show-off always steals the show and shines in ladder matches. Whether Ziggler has a chance of winning or not time can only wait, Ziggler belongs in this match.

Alexander Rusev

I don’t feel Rusev is anywhere near ready to challenge for the WWE title, nor is he ready to win the briefcase, however inserting the “Russian” into a high-profile match will allow fans to get more in-depth with the big man. His match with Big E at Payback finally gave Rusev a platform to showcase something more than the famed 3 minute squash matches. Give the guy a chance, he has potential to be something big, a strong performance and chance at Money In The Bank will help Rusev massively.

Having Rollins, Ambrose, RVD, Barrett, Ziggler and Rusev in the Money In The Ban match will add a very interesting dynamic and twist to the ladder match. Out of those 6 stars Rollins, Ambrose and Barrett would be my picks to win the match.

Who do you think deserves to be in the match? And who will win the contract? Let us know here or via facebook.

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