Latest Inductee To The WWE Hall Of Fame Revealed

By Johnny Lugo
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March 12, 2014

Puerto Rico’s greatest export, the legendary Carlos Colon Sr. told the Primera Hora website that he will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. The official announcement of Colon’s WWE Hall of Fame induction will come this Friday on Smackdown.

The 65 year old Colon is a retired professional wrestler and iconic wrestling promoter in Puerto Rico from the famous Colon family. He is the father of Carly Colon, known to WWE fans as Carlito, and Eddie Colon, the man currently known as Diego from Los Matadores. He is also the uncle of Orlando Colon, the other half of Los Matadores that is known as Fernando.

His family emigrated to the United States from Puerto Rico in 1961 and settled in Brooklyn. While in the city, he began training to become a professional wrestler in a gym that his idols, Antonino Rocca and Miguel Perez trained in. Colon paid his dues there and debuted in 1966 against Bobo Brazil. He continued to hone his craft in the United States until he returned to Puerto Rico in 1973 after feeling homesick.

Carlos Colon Sr. founded a wrestling company there called Capitol Sports Promotions and the business made a name for itself by promoting local talent and sharing the spotlight with international superstars as well. He was famous for bringing legendary talent from the United States over and introducing them to the Puerto Rican crowd.

In the ring, Colon competed for World Wrestling Council and had a long standing feud with Abdullah The Butcher, another member of the WWE Hall of Fame, that lasted nearly 20 years. He touts a record of 26 title reigns as the WWC Universal Heavyweight Champion from 1982 to 1999, having defeated such talent as Abdullah the Butcher, Ron Garvin, Mabel, Hercules Ayala, and Ray Gonzalez.

Carlos Colon Sr. had minimal action in the WWE, but in retirement, he trained his sons whom both eventually became WWE wrestlers. Colon was invited by his son, Eddie and nephew to attend the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony in 2012. He was there to see his friends Yokozuna and Mil Mascaras be inducted. He will now be attending the WWE Hall of Fame this year as an inductee to the Class of 2014.

Congratulations are in order for Carlos Colon Sr. on his WWE Hall of Fame induction. For our spanish speaking readers, you could read Colon’s announcement on the Primera Hora website here.

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