WWE Breaking: Vince McMahon to Convince CM Punk to Come Back to WWE?

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February 23, 2014
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To add to the CM Punk drama that has ensued over the last three weeks, we can now add more fuel to the fire. F4WOnline is now reporting that Vince McMahon is now, near officially, will convince Punk to come back to the place that made him famous three years ago.

There’s a feeling among people close to CM Punk and WWE that Vince McMahon will end up talking Punk into coming back to work.

We should know more about what the future holds after the March 3rd RAW in Chicago.

Punk has been away from World Wrestling Entertainment for quite some time, without making as much as a peep. He has been spotted three times.

  1. Holding a woman on his lap, while she was drinking a beer.
  2. Waiting for his girlfriend AJ Lee at the Chicago Airport and a paparazzi was there waiting for him.
  3. He showed up last night at UFC 170 by himself in a grey hoodie.

Over the last weeks, his name has been the most-watched out of every WWE superstar, employee or former wrestler. Think about it: he makes more controversy if he quits then when he wrestles. Is that a sign of a problem with Punk in the WWE?

He should be making headlines while he is working, instead of quitting. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for Punk quitting, because it was very justified as to the condition of the “work environment” he complains about. However, these headlines and controversial topics shouldn’t limit to every three years when he decides to walk away when his contract is up.

McMahon, WWE and Triple H  have a lot of thinking to do. Should they bring Punk back even though he acted like a spoiled brat? Of course they should. He is the number two in merchandise sales on WWEShop.com, arguably the best technical wrestler in the company and brings in his legions of fans one by one, thousands by thousands.

Punk will eventually be back, but it may take some time. The Chicago Raw is coming up soon, and you know the crowd will be very rowdy and yearning for his return.

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IMG Credit: WWENews.net

4 Responses to “WWE News: WWE Confirms Daniel Bryan’s Injury Status, How Original Raw Plans Changed”

  1. Gaurav Dutt says:

    heelbook is my favorite

  2. geovanie says:

    if he doesn’t change his mind, i think nikki will one day get enough and dump him

  3. officiously says:

    Naomi is back n is a main cast member seasons 1-4. recurring season 3 for the second half

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